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Security Audit

A comprehensive security assessment of your smart contract and blockchain code to identify vulnerabilities and recommend ways to fix them.

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Highly Accurate Formal Verification Auditing

Our industry-leading audit methodology and tooling includes a review of your code’s logic, with a mathematical approach to ensure your program works as intended.

Identify Errors & Risks

Have your code reviewed by CertiK’s team of seasoned security experts.

Remediate Vulnerabilities

Receive reporting and recommendations on how to remediate vulnerabilities.

Verify Your Contracts

Prove the correctness of your contract code with highly scalable Formal Verification techniques.

Why Choose CertiK?

Our team has conducted over 1,800 audits across all major protocols and is trusted as the recommended blockchain and smart contract audit provider by top exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Huobi.

Trusted by Market Leaders

Pengfei Wang | Partner

The meteoric rise of decentralized finance has given millions of people the opportunity to become their own bank. Yet for the innovations to be fully trusted, security must be the focal point. We’re proud to support CertiK in raising the standards of security with the rollout of Skynet Premium. The product pioneers a novel and critical sector of the market: antivirus for blockchain.

Sebastien Borge | COO & Co-founder

While traditional testing approaches merely attempts to detect bugs, the CertiK Software provides mathematical proofs that blockchain ecosystems are bug-free. That is one of the main reasons that convinced us to entrust these verifications to CertiK.

Kai Jiang | Partner

Decentralized finance has grown enormously over the last 18 months, giving millions of people access to innovative financial tools and savings products. With such rapid innovation, security is of the utmost importance. We are excited to participate in this funding round and look forward to seeing CertiK strengthen its position as a leader in blockchain security.

Do Kwon | Co-Founder

With CertiK, we were able to verify the security and reliability of our blockchain infrastructure and serve our growing user base immediately from the genesis block. I am excited to support CertiK’s vision for a security-first blockchain ecosystem.

Audit Process

Working together is a simple 5 step process

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How Does It Work?

Our security audit platform evaluates smart contracts for vulnerabilities and certifies their behavior with respect to a custom function specification.

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What’s in the audit report?

Our audit reports are custom, thorough, and transparent. The report will contain the details of any identified vulnerabilities and classify them by severity (Critical, Major, Medium, Low, and Informational), along with suggested remediations.

With every successful audit, we’ll provide you with a listing on the CertiK Security Leaderboard that is shared publicly with the entire crypto community. The Leaderboard contains the details of projects alongside their audit reports, as well as the community’s security sentiment of the project.